For Advisors

Third-party administrators can help you as an advisor build your retirement plan business and reduce your administrative burden.

  • Win more business: increase plan sponsors’ confidence and win more business by delivering an effective TPA solution for their plans’ administrative and compliance needs.
  • Add TPA experience: help plan sponsors maximize their benefits through creative plan design, manage plan restatements, and navigate complex regulatory requirements.
  • Focus on your practice: leverage the experience of a TPA to help you manage more plans without expanding your staff. This gives you more time to support other areas of your practice.
  • Improve retention rates: TPAs work closely with plan sponsors and can help minimize client loss.

PDF Download – The Value of a TPA (via American Funds)


We also provide periodic education and correspondence to our advisor and broker partners. For any of the following materials, please contact us:

  • 401(k) platforms: summary and comments
  • Retirement plan news for brokers (regular memos; ask us for the latest)
  • Ed’s comments on the final DOL ruling in April 2016