For Employers

A little bit about us…

MRP Plans, Inc. provides administrative services to retirement plans, and specializes in smaller plans. Our goal is to make qualified retirement plans beneficial for small businesses by providing cost-effective document, consulting, and administrative services.

We are competitively priced against larger companies, such as payroll services, that do plan administration, but our level of service is far superior. We regularly take over plans from such providers because they provide little or no support – we are “all over” our plans, not just answering questions but keeping abreast of law changes and recommending plan re-designs as appropriate.

If you aren’t sure if you’re getting the most out of your retirement plan, read this: What has your 401(k) plan done for you lately?

Some FAQs…

Is my retirement plan healthy?

Retirement plans should be reviewed every 3-5 years to make sure they are working for the employer and employees. Contact us for a plan review today.

How can a retirement plan benefit my business?

We work with employers to design custom plans that fit their specific needs. Our plans can help your business by improving your employee benefits, achieving tax objectives, meeting the owners’ financial goals, and more. We regularly review our plans and the employers’ goals to ensure that the plan is still doing what it needs to do (and amending when necessary!).

Who should have a retirement plan?

We service a variety of employers both large and small. We specialize in making small plans worthwhile – some of our plans have only one participant.

What kind of plan should I have?

There are numerous types of plans to choose from. Contact us for more information or a proposal. Check out our Solutions page for an introduction to different types of plans.