An MRP Plans, Inc. update…    March 2016

We hope your 2016 has been off to a great start.  We’ve been hard at work making some changes and improvements around here to streamline our client and participant communications processes:

  1. First, we have a new contact email for all participant requests and questions: [email protected].  This email should be used for any participant questions, loan requests, distribution requests, and any other administrative items.  Of course we can all still be reached directly at our MRP emails…
  2. …which brings us to our next update: we all have new email addresses using  The new emails are as follows:

Our old Verizon emails will still be working indefinitely; they will be forwarded to the new email addresses.  Please update your address books accordingly and use the new ones going forward.

Additionally, we have a new hire on board…Maggie Miller, our Operations Manager.  She’ll be doing a little bit of everything, but handled most of the stuff discussed above.  (She happens to be my daughter.)

And finally, an unrelated but important note on distribution forms!  If you are using a “platform” (such as American Funds, John Hancock, Mass Mutual, etc.) PLEASE do not sign distribution forms for participants unless you receive them directly from us.  The providers are generally supposed to process these forms with your signature and our signature (so that we can confirm vesting and the timing of distributions), but they often process them if only you sign them…we don’t want participants getting paid the wrong amount, or before they are entitled to their money (and let’s face it, we know a lot better than you how much and when someone should be paid!).

A PDF of this newsletter can be found in the Archives.